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Cloud Engineering
The first job that i want to talk about is cloud engineering.
Cloud engineering have a whopping average salary of 123,000 USD.
Cloud engineers are responsible for managing and organizing a cloud-based system and processes where data is stored.
They set up a company’s cloud-based architecture through cloud-based services like Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.
They also manage existing cloud-based services as well.
One thing you’ll notice with tech jobs is – it’s not always about creating something new but a lot of times maintaining a product or service that already exists.
Cloud-based engineers have experiences with cloud-based services like i mentioned earlier like Azure and AWS,Also familiar with system operations and have an understanding of databases programming and networking.

Data Scientists
Data scientists have an average salary of 121,000 USD.
Data scientists are analytical data experts who have technical skill sets to gather and analyze large sets of structured and unstructured data.
They turn that data into meaningful insights basically making sense of the messy data from sources like smartphones, social media, emails and other sets of data that can’t easily fit into an excel database.
The growth rate for data scientists is 36 percent through 2026 which is incredibly strong.
The skill sets that you need to be a data scientist are of course programming languages like R Programming, Python, SQL Databases etc. Machine Learning and AI.

software development
The average software developer makes 114,000 USD.
The demand for software developers has been on the rise for a long time and it doesn’t show any trends of slowing down anytime soon.
Software development has a job growth rate of 22 percent from 2020 through 2030.
Which is obviously much faster than your average occupation.
There are some other tech related roles that have much higher job growth but there’s such a demand for software developers now.
There are many different types of software developer roles like Mobile Developers, Web Developers, Front-End Developers, Full-Stack and Back-End Developers.
But usually when you see a job posting that just says software developer that basically means that full stack developers are in charge of writing code to solve complex business applications along with maintaining the code for an application.
So software developers are also responsible for installing designing and testing software.



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