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Tata Technologies Unlisted Shares

Tata Technologies Unlisted Shares

Tata Technologies Unlisted Shares


Tata Technologies has been bringing product engineering and digital transformation expertise to the world’s leading manufacturers since 1989 and continues to deliver growth and profitability to their clients and shareholders.

The foundation of Tata Technologies is the Legacy of Trust that is the hallmark of the Tata group. Tata Motors holds a little more than 74% stake in Tata Technologies.

Their services are delivered through the following lines of business:
a) Engineering, Research and Development (ER&D) Services
b) Digital Enterprise Services (DES) – Connected Enterprise IT (CEIT) & Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Services
c) Education Offerings
d) Products and Valued Added Reselling (VAR)

There are two components of business:
The company helps its clients by providing engineering services starting from the conceptualization of new products to the development of products.
The company helps its clients by identifying and deploying technologies and solutions that can provide better output for their clients.
Tata Technologies is a global, connected organization.
10,000+ Innovators from their Global, Diverse Workforce
18 Global Delivery Centers
3 Continents – Their Global Delivery Model spans across Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America
27 Countries – They work with Clients across the World
Financial Highlights:

$473.5 million Revenue in FY22
$86.5 million Operating Profit in FY22
47% year-on-year Revenue Growth
65% year-on-year Operating Profit Growth
(Profit after-tax growth of 74%)
18.3% Operating Margin, up from 16.3% in FY21
$186.2 million Cash Position in FY22
77 days sales outstanding in FY22, down from 95 days in FY21

Unlisted Shares of Tata Technologies
TradeUnlisted is the leading platform to buy and sell Unlisted and Pre-IPO Shares. Investors can now buy and sell Tata Technologies and other unlisted shares in only a few clicks. TradeUnlisted provides access to curated investments in the unlisted space.
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How to buy Tata Technologies unlisted shares?
The process of buying and selling unlisted shares is simple and hassle-free with TradeUnlisted.
First, click on the ‘Invest now’ button on the Tata Technologies page.
The Tata Technologies unlisted shares will be added to your cart.
The second step is to enter the quantity of Tata Technologies shares you wish to buy. Please note that a minimum cart value of INR 5000 is required.
Next step is to choose the payment method of your choice. You may make payments via debit card, net banking and UPI.
After the payment has been made, our relationship manager will contact you to confirm the payment and will ask you to share your Client Master List (CML) details.
The shares will be credited in the demat account mentioned in the CML copy within the timeline mentioned in the Deal Contract Letter.

Please call us on (+91) 8958212121 or write to us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Disclaimer: TradeUnlisted is a transactional platform. We are not a stock exchange or an advisory platform. Investments in unlisted products carry a risk and may not provide the anticipated returns and there is a possibility of losing the entire capital as well. There is no assurance of exit and listing date and no clarity whether the IPO will come or not. Unlisted shares go in a lock-in for 6 months close to the date of listing. No one should rely solely on the information published or presented herein and should perform personal due diligence or consult with an independent third-party advisor prior to making any investment decisions.The information is obtained from secondary sources, we do not assure the accuracy of the same. The estimates and information is based on past performance, which cannot be regarded as an accurate indicator of future performance and results.This is for informational purposes only and does not constitute, and shall not be interpreted as an offer for sale, advice to buy or sell any unlisted shares. Investors should seek their own independent investment, legal or other advice as required prior to investing.

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