Hindi Language for Beginners: Boost Your Vocabulary & Writing Skills | HUA - 101bookmark

Hindi Language for Beginners: Boost Your Vocabulary & Writing Skills | HUA

Hindi Language for Beginners: Boost Your Vocabulary & Writing Skills | HUA

Hindi Language for Beginners: Boost Your Vocabulary & Writing Skills | HUA

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Shuddh Hindi for Beginners: Sentences & Comprehension


This course is part of the Certificate Program in Shuddh Hindi – Beginner Phase.

Learn to build a vocabulary of at least 750 words in Hindi language (nouns, pronouns, and verbs), comprehend and recite simple verses, engage in simple conversations, and write short essays.

Learning Objectives:

Build a vocabulary of at least 750 words in Hindi language, including nouns, pronouns, and verbs.

Understand and use case endings in Hindi.

Learn different tenses: simple past tense, present continuous tense, past continuous tense, present perfect tense, and past perfect tense.

Comprehend and recite simple verses in Hindi script.

Engage in simple conversations in Hindi.

Write short essays and translations.

Course Contents:

Use of “ke” to denote location in Hindi.

Object case: Use of “ko” in Hindi.

Instrumental case: Use of “se” in Hindi.

Dative case: Use of “ke liye” in Hindi.

Simple past tense: Use of “thA”, “the”, “thii”, “thiiM” in Hindi.

Use of simple past tense “sAmAnya-bhUt-kAl” for masculine and feminine words in both singular and plural in Hindi.

Use of present continuous tense “tAtkAlika-vartamAna-kAl” in Hindi.

Use of past continuous tense “apUrNa-bhUt-kAl” in Hindi.

Use of “rahA”, “rahe”, “rahii” in Hindi.

Simple verses in Hindi script.

Vocabulary related to parts of the body in Hindi.

Basic conversations in Hindi.

Use of present perfect tense “Asanna-bhUt-kAl” in Hindi.

Use of past perfect tense “pUrNa-bhUt-kAl” in Hindi.

Writing short essays and translations in Hindi.


Join us to master Hindi language skills, including vocabulary, grammar, and conversation.

Unlock new opportunities for communication and cultural understanding.


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